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Let’s Go To The Movies

Blockbuster movies come out all the time. Fun family events take place as trips to the movie theater to see long-awaited shows all together. Cinemas are a perfect destination. More and more they are being updated and have the comfortable reclining chairs and trays for you. Screens are larger and surround sound is blasting. Those improvements all make your trip even more enjoyable.

Movie Time Eating

Going to the shows means you are near those concession stands. Smells of popcorn, shelves of movie size boxes of candy, and sights of long lines that stand in your mind from when you were young. You might as well admit now that you may grab something. Let’s figure out a way to exchange your choice with some physical actions that will negate what you ate.

Popular Movie Food and What You Can Do To Work It Off


We love popcorn. Small movie popcorn with butter can be 770 Calories. A tradeoff for indulging might be a swift run for an hour. Your pace is the key to this being a successful swap. Running shoes on the ready!

Soft Pretzel

A large soft pretzel averages just less than 500 calories. There is some good news with the soft pretzel in that if you use mustard it is a freebie and doesn’t add anything to your calorie total. Add cheese, and we are out of the ballpark on that one. One good way to negate the pretzel is a powerful hour-long match of tennis. Get that racquet out!


Small trays of cheese nachos do add up to close to 300 calories. Luckily it never does seem you get enough cheese. Balance those nachos with some incline work of running hills or rock climbing for 30 minutes. Definitely a good way to spend a half hour!

Movie-Sized Candies

Depending on what you choose from, you are looking at a range of 300-500 calories. Your choice, is of course, your preference. Your path to exchange that can lead you to some fast speed laps in the pool or get your cardio on with some fast moving workouts that are specifically cardio! Don’t forget to hydrate.

You can eat at the movies, but you have to be willing to work for your food choices to stay on your health and fitness goals. You can work those calories off after you spend time having fun watching great movies. You can feel good about your trip to the movies!


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